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The Search for the Impossible, a Gift for a Teenage Girl.
May 31, 2017 by shamon

teen girl jewelry

Heart earrings and Name Necklace

It’s hard trying to find the perfect gift for your mother, sister and best friend.  Let alone women you don’t know as well like teachers and co-workers.  What makes it easier is that all these women probably have their own “look” that they have developed over time.  They went through the grunge, punk and alternative looks and came out the other side with a style all their own.  When you see a piece of jewelry or an outfit in a store you probably say to yourself, “I can see my friend in that outfit” or “she wouldn’t be caught dead in that dress”.  So, when it comes to getting her a present, you are confident you know her style well enough that the chances of finding something that she will like are pretty high.

Teenage girls are different.  They are most likely exploring different styles.  They haven’t quite settled on a the Boho, Preppy or Urban look.   If they haven’t found their own style, then teens are at the mercy of whatever is trendy and popular.  So herein lies the problem.  You are trying to find a gift for someone who’s A. Own style is evolving and B. Is looking to find fashion forward clothes and jewelry that their friends and celebrity “it” girls are wearing.   It is like trying to hit a moving target!

Here are Ten Do’s and Dont’s to help with the difficult task of buying a present for a teen girl:

  • Do buy something that you can wrap and hand to the recipient in a pretty package.  According to the blog, Love to Know, Teens would rather have an something they can see and touch, an actual gift in hand rather than a download or some other intangible.  http://teens.lovetoknow.com/Teen_Consumer_Spending_Habits
  • Do find a gift that will be in style for more than a minute.  Just because a piece of Jewelry or clothing is classic does not mean that it has to be boring.   Classic Jewelry is something that will not only be in fashion when you give it to her, but also for years to come.
  • Don’t buy something that is a “fad”.  Since fads change so quickly, you may buy something that was all the rage on a Monday, but by Tuesday she may think it “horrible”.  Look for fashion and accessories that are current and trendy, but not ridiculous.
Jewelry Fad

Katy Perry, Mouth Bling

  • Do buy jewelry or clothes that are appropriate for her age.  Just as you should not be buy a teen or preteen something too sexy or revealing, also be aware that they are not kids nor are they older women.  Avoid giving them something too babyish at a time when they are trying to be as grown up as possible.  As Goldilocks said, it should be “just right”.
  • Do buy Necklaces that are adjustable so that they can be worn at different lengths.  Girls of any age love to layer necklaces.  If they are adjustable lengths than they can be worn with multiple chains.  Also, the style may change from short choker length necklaces to longer hanging necklaces over time.  If the chain to able to be made shorter or longer, it will not go out of style.
  • Don’t guess at a girl’s ring size.  Either measure her finger or purchase a ring that is adjustable. When a ring is described as adjustable it conjures up images of plastic jewelry in toy vending machines.  Today there are so many fun options.  Many rings are designed to be open on the top wrapping around the finger.  They can be manipulated to fit any finger, but still be designed in a sophisticated style.
  • Do figure out what is meaningful to her and try to incorporate it into the present.  There may be a particular symbol that is meaningful to her.  For example she may love butterflies.  Search for a gift that has a butterfly pattern or is in the shape of a butterfly.
  • Do think about social occasions she has coming up and groups and clubs she is involved in.  Some girls spend their weekends going to parties while others tend to stick to playing sports or some combination of the two.  The present you are looking for may be something that reflects her school spirit or team spirit or may be a sparkly accessory for her party outfit.
  • Do ask their friends for ideas.  Teens spend a lot of time with their friends.  In fact,  59% of teens are in touch with their closest friend on a daily basis (with 41% indicating that they get in touch “many times a day”.   These friends are a wealth of information.  They will be able to point you in the right direction and more importantly steer you away from making a mistake!
  • Don’t give a gift with a negative message.  Everyone wants to feel good about themselves and the world around them and everyone includes teens.  A present is just an excuse to make someone feel good about themselves.  If you find a gift that has a positive message and shows that you were thinking about the recipient, then you have accomplished your mission.

Not all Teen Girls are going to like the same gift.  What teens consider cool and stylish changes quickly.  Therefore, think outside the box to find a present they will really love.  Get to know who they are and what they like to do, talk to their friends and stick to jewelry and fashion that will stand the test of time.   Use the gift as an opportunity to make them feel good about themselves.  As long as you keep the ten tips in mind while you shop, you can’t go wrong!